To drive away seagulls: Hotel guests in Venice are given water pistols

Seagulls are omnipresent in Venice and often show their bold side. They wreak havoc on restaurant tables, on hotel balconies and even on the heads of tourists. A few hoteliers have had enough of this and equip their guests with water pistols.

Venice is known for its small canals, colorful gondolas and historic buildings. But the city is also famous for its large number of seagulls , which can be found everywhere in the streets and squares. For some tourists, however, the birds are a real thorn in their side, because they keep stealing food from the tables. Water pistols should now solve the problem.

The seagulls have long been a topic of conversation in Venice, because their behavior disturbs many guests when eating or strolling around. The birds pounce on anything edible and don’t shy away from attacking restaurant tables. Hoteliers have now come together because of the animal problem and collected suggestions for a solution, reports the ” Guardian “.

To protect their hotel guests from the unpopular birds and keep them away from the balconies and restaurants, some participants in the gathering proposed the use of hawks. However, calling a falconer again and again was too expensive for many hoteliers. The use of strong scents, which could deter the seagulls, also proved impractical. Two hotel operators are therefore now resorting to water pistols.

Water pistols against seagulls

The owners of the “Gritti Palace” and the “Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal” know exactly that the unpopular birds can easily be chased away with well-aimed jets of water. They therefore bought a large number of water pistols, which they now equip their guests with. The pistols don’t necessarily have to be used, according to the hoteliers. The plastic toys are orange, a color that scares seagulls just by looking at them.

Seagull on a pillar in Venice.
Photo: Ceccarelli

They therefore recommend only threatening the animals with using the water pistols without actually pulling the trigger. The seagulls would then usually flee quickly and not come back so quickly. It remains to be seen whether the idea really makes sense and whether all tourists to Venice will walk around the city with orange water pistols in the future.

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