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❤️️ Shelter's love ❤️️

Free promotions for all shelters

In order to help shelter pets find owners faster we give free coupons that all verified shelters can use to buy promotions to make their ads more visible.

Verified Shelters only

We make sure that every shelter is real and trustworthy, by manually verifying every application.

Work with a shelter? Contact us!

We share the same interest for animal welfare so let’s work together!

We stand up for animal welfare

Animals First

Animal welfare is our priority. That’s why we built this website. And that’s also why we favor animals from shelters, by offering free Premium accounts to verified welfare centers.

You and us, together!

We monitor ads and verify Premium accounts manually. But we also count on you to help us: we’ve implemented an ad reporting system that you can use to report any suspicious ad.

Contact & Help

If you need help or have questions you can reach us by using our contact form. And our articles. are always a great resource for safety tips and animal wellbeing recommendations.
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