Verdict in Lady Gaga’s dog kidnapping drama: 4 years in prison for perpetrators

In February 2021, two men kidnapped Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs. They ambushed the singer’s dog sitter and shot him in the chest. The case had a happy ending with a decent finder’s fee. Now one of the perpetrators has been convicted in court.

Lady Gaga and her French bulldogs Gustav, Koji and Asia are inseparable. For professional reasons, the singer and actress unfortunately has to part with her furry friends from time to time. This was also the case in February 2021 when she was in Rome for filming. When her dog sitter Ryan was out with the Frenchies in Hollywood , two men attacked him and took Gustav and Koji away.

One of the perpetrators pulled out a gun when he attacked the dog sitter and fired at Ryan, who was struggling. The bullet hit him in the chest and seriously injured him. Puppy Asia stayed with him on the side of the road while the thieves fled with Gustav and Koji. Ryan then struggled to survive in the hospital for days. He’s doing well now.

Dogs stolen from Lady Gaga: four years in prison for perpetrators

The police investigation brought the first results shortly thereafter. The perpetrators were a 19- and an 18-year-old man. The two were located and arrested by officers. However, there were even more participants behind the kidnapping drama. The police found out when a woman brought the missing dogs to the police station.

Finder was an accomplice

She reported to the officers a few days after the attack and brought the furry friends Gustav and Koji to the police station. She claimed to have found the four-legged friends tied to a lamppost in Los Angeles and wanted the finder’s reward of half a million US dollars promised by Gaga. However, investigations quickly revealed that the finder was an accomplice of the perpetrators and that the father of one of the kidnappers also helped steal the valuable dogs, reports ” CNN “.

One of the perpetrators, now 20, has now been sentenced to four years in prison by an LA court. The shooter, who is one year younger, has not yet been convicted because the police had mistakenly released him from custody and he could only be caught a few days ago. According to media reports, a higher sentence awaits him. Lady Gaga has not yet commented on the verdict. She’ll probably just be glad her dogs are safe with her and that her dog sitter survived the attack.

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