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Greater success for your ads

Placing an ad on AniMall24 is free. However, to let you reach even more interested parties, we offer attractive premium add-ons. You can get these at any time for individual ads and with the desired duration. All premium fees are a one-time fee so you do not incur ongoing costs.


Effective Selling: Statistics show that up to 20x more people viewed your ad than if it appeared without Showcase


Home Promo

Feature your ad on our homepage
Your ad on the top section of our homepage
Immediately visible on the AniMall24 homepage

7 days / $2.10
14 days / $4.20
21 days / $6.30
28 days / $8.40

Color Bump

Promote your ad with a different
Differentiation from other ads
A color frame highlights your ad

7 days / $2.10
14 days / $4.20
21 days / $6.30
28 days / $8.40

Category Promo

Your ad above free ads in the same category
Your ad in the first result of any search
Your pet featured among similar pets

7 days / $2.10
14 days / $4.20
21 days / $6,30
28 days / $8.40

Related Ads Promo

Your ad in the page of related ads
Your ad visible in other ads' pages
Your pet suggested in similar pets' ads

7 days / $1,05
14 days / $2.10
21 days / $3.15
28 days / $4.20

You can apply promotions when you publish an ad

You can select which Promotions to apply when you see the details of your ad on your account’s Dashboard

+ Add-ons

Additional Image

$0.25 / image

Additional Video

$0.25 / video

Additional Document

$0.25 / document

Premium Profile

Trusted profile (manually verified) with your own microsite

Dedicated Search
Dedicated Search

Your own Search bar to let users search/filter only your ads

Dedicated About page
Dedicated About page

Engage with users by telling more about your business


Gain trust by letting users provide feedback about you

Contact page
Contact page

Set business hours, contacts info, webpage, and more

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