Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold


Scottish Fold Cats are wonderful, affectionate pets that thrive on human interaction without being too demanding of constant attention. They have a charmingly unique appearance due to their eared demeanour, round heads and eyes, and thick paws and tails. Learn more about Scottish folds to find out if one is right for you. If you’ve spent much time online these days, you’ve probably noticed that Scottish fold cats are taking the internet by storm. That’s because these rare felines are prized for their huggable good looks and sweet personalities. With round heads, folded forward ears and big eyes, Scottish fold cats always attract attention. Scottish fold cats are a medium-sized breed weighing between 2 and 4 kilos. They require little maintenance and love to be with their people more than anything else in the world. They are also intelligent and love to play with or chase toys around the house. According to feline behaviourist Marilyn Krieger, a certified feline behaviour consultant in San Francisco known as The Cat Coach and author of Naughty No More: Change Unwanted Behaviors Through Positive Reinforcement, it’s important to research and purchase cat breeds, such as the Scottish fold, from reputable breeders. “Check if they are members of the Cat Fanciers’ Association International (TICA) or the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).” Owning an unusual cat breed is fun, but it’s important to love the cat for all facets of its personality, not just its unique characteristics (such as folded ears). “These cats are not frills,” says Krieger. “Like all breeds, they need to be provided with the best possible care and enrichment, as well as daily attention.” If an owl and a cat had a baby (we know they can’t, but it’s fun to think about) it would look a lot like a Scottish fold cat. Scottish folds are a stocky, medium-sized breed that love human attention from all members of the family, but can focus their attention on one lucky person. These magnificent cats have rounded heads, short necks and large eyes which, combined with their folded ears, give them a unique appearance. Their coat is usually short and dense, but there are also long-haired specimens. Colours include white, blue, cream, silver, silver, black, cameo and brown. Coat patterns include solid, brindle, tortoiseshell, bicolour, spotted and shaded. Their large, magnificent eyes can be gold, green or blue. Scottish fold cats are also a good choice for flat dwellers because they do not grow too large. Male Scottish folds weigh approximately 12 pounds, while female Scottish folds usually weigh between 8 and 12 pounds. Scottish folds are a healthy breed and the folded ears do not make them more susceptible to mites or ear infections.
As most Scottish folds have a short, dense coat, grooming can be as simple as brushing and combing the coat once a week to remove loose hair and dead skin cells.”

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