The Chusky is a mongrel dog, a cross between the Chow Chow and Siberian Husky breeds. Curious, stubborn and affectionate, these dogs have inherited some of the best qualities of their two parents. Despite their unfortunate designer breed status, you can find these mixed breed dogs in breed-specific shelters and rescues, so remember to adopt. These adorable, fluffy dogs are intelligent and somewhat stubborn, which doesn’t make them an ideal match for novice owners. They can also become very protective of their owners and make excellent watchdogs. If you want an intelligent dog that loves training, lots of exercise and, of course, lots of cuddles, the Chusky could be the dog for you.


The Chusky is a mixed breed dog. The main colours of the Chusky are brown, black, cream, red and white. The main colours of the Chusky are brown, black, cream, red and white. May not be the best dog for allergy sufferers. Daily brushing will help to reduce excessive shedding. Its coat is suitable for cold weather, but may not be as good in warmer climates. As far as other pets are concerned, Chuskies can get along well with other animals if introduced slowly and quietly, and early socialisation will help this go well. Chuskies are intelligent, but can be stubborn. Chuskies are intelligent, but can be stubborn. They thrive best with experienced dog owners. Your Chusky may bark every time someone knocks on the door or someone new enters the house. This also makes them excellent watchdogs.


The Chusky dog breed may have existed naturally over the years, but designer breeders probably began intentionally mixing Chow Chows and Siberian Huskies in the early 2000s, probably in North America. Although the Chusky breed began as a designer breed, some have ended up in shelters or in the care of rescue groups. If you decide this is the breed for you, consider adopting. Check local shelters, look for Chusky rescues, or check with breed-specific Chow Chow or Siberian Husky rescues, as they sometimes take in mixed-breed dogs and find homes for them.

Breed Characteristics:
All Around Friendliness:
Health And Grooming Needs:
Physical Needs:
Vital Stats:
Dog Breed Group: Companion Dogs
Height: 8 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder
Weight: 8 to 13 pounds
Life Span: Starts at 14 years

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