Where to leave our beloved dog when we are on vacation?

“Whether you decide to leave your four-legged friend with a sitter, friends, family or in a doghouse, make sure he is with someone you know and trust. Always check reviews of a kennel or sitter and take your dog for a visit before you go on your trip. This will not only give you the chance to get to know the person and check that you are happy with the facilities, but it will also give your dog the chance to get to know and inspect his new environment. You will also need to make sure your dog is covered by adequate insurance for all eventualities. “

Tag and chip

If your dog disappears while you are away, his ID tag on the collar will be the first thing to do. Consider changing his disk temporarily with details of where he is during your absence.

It is not recommended to change your dog’s microchip details to his temporary location, however you should check that these details are up to date with your current address and a phone number at which you can always be reached, even if you are overseas.

And even if you’re not planning to go on vacation anytime soon, you should still have an emergency plan. Who will watch your dog if you have to run out of town with a family illness or a last minute business trip?

Family, friends or a neighbor can look after your dog in your home or their home. This is always my first choice, as I know my dogs would be more comfortable in this situation.

Leave your dog in a trusted boarding house

Hire a professional dog sitter to stay at your home. Home dog sitters are a great option if you have a dog that gets stressed easily. Personally for us, this isn’t an option because my husband is super paranoid about letting strangers into our home.

New jobs: the dog sitter

Find a professional dog sitter around the house. This option allows you to keep your dog in a home environment at the sitter’s home. Make sure they are insured and guaranteed, just in case. We never want to fear the worst, but we must be prepared. One of the options to find accommodation for our four-legged friend while we are on vacation, could be to rely on a  dog sitter site.


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