Russian dogs

Russian dogs are dogs accustomed to the infinite spaces and cold temperatures of Central and Eastern Asia. Many dogs originating from this country are characterized by courage and the ability to make decisions independently and have a history of hard work carried out outdoors not always in the company of man.

Russian dogs are very different dogs, with which man has carried out different tasks over the centuries: guarding, driving sleds, but also hunting and guarding the flocks. Among these breeds stand out the Caucasian and Central Asian Shepherds, famous all over the world because they are particularly skilled in carrying out their duties, but they are not the only dogs to be born in the infinite territories of Russia, some other breeds are very little known. Let’s see which dogs originated in this boundless country and what reasons distinguish them. the Siberian Husky was selected in the colder areas of the country to be able to pull the sleds of the locals. Of medium size, this dog maintains the social and affiliation motivations linked to its history. Precisely these two reasons sometimes lead him to suffer from loneliness. If you live with a Husky who does not want to be alone, however, you will notice it immediately: he will howl loudly, indeed very loudly, in the hope of reuniting the group he belongs to. It may not sound pleasant to the neighbors, so help them use other communication strategies. This dog also loves freedom and infinite spaces, which is why it is particularly suitable for those who love to move. Prevailing reasons: Predatory, kinesthetic, patrolling, affiliative, communicative, social.

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