Remove dog and cat hair from sofa and clothes

Are you looking for a solution to remove dog and cat hair from sofa and clothes? In this article you will find out how to remove your pet’s hair in a simple, fast and effective way.


Removing dog and cat hair from surfaces, especially the sofa and clothing, is a common problem when an animal lives in the home. The hairs, in fact, settle on the fabric and, often, not even frequent washing can eliminate them. There is also a risk that the hair will remain in the washing machine hoses, causing damage. After all, dogs and cats prefer to sleep and rest in the soft places that most retain hair. Depending on the fabric, it will be more or less difficult to remove residual hair. For example, synthetic fabric is more difficult to clean. Let’s see together, in this article, tips and suggestions to deal with this common problem.

Why do animals lose their hair?

Surely you have noticed that, at certain times of the year, dogs and cats tend to shed more hair. In those periods, therefore, removing them from surfaces becomes even more important and challenging. Why does this happen? Moulting is a natural phenomenon that affects all animals. Erroneously, it is thought to be more pronounced in long-haired dogs and cats, but this is not the case. Also, know that the hair change process occurs continuously throughout the year, but there are peaks, particularly in spring and autumn. During these periods, in fact, the coat becomes lighter or heavier. This happens because the animals, in the spring, prepare themselves for the summer heat or the winter cold. In periods of moulting, therefore, removing hair from surfaces seems even more complicated. With simple tricks and the right tools,however, you will face this task with peace of mind.

Other causes of hair loss

In addition to the moulting period, dogs and cats can shed a greater amount of hair due to some problems. It is therefore good to identify them immediately, in order to be able to intervene promptly. For example, there may be hormonal, dermatological or diet-related problems. Usually, if there is a problem it is highlighted with the loss of hair strands and the appearance of spots and patches. Poor or infrequent grooming can affect the amount of hair lost.

Stress can also adversely affect hand health. Another cause of hair loss is skin inflammation caused by parasites, infections and allergies. Furthermore, in case of problems, the dog also exhibits itching. In these cases, therefore, it tends to scratch, licking and biting the affected part.

Nutrition and hydration for a healthy coat

To take care of your dog’s and cat’s coat, it is important to take care of their nutrition and hydration. In general, the coat needs to be hydrated, with specific water and food. Furthermore, the food must be of good quality, avoiding dangerous toxic foods , preferring cheap but good croquettes and alternating with wet food , which contains water. However, always prefer food of excellent quality and easily digestible. In addition, the vet can suggest specific supplements, based on omega 3, vitamins and minerals.

Brush the dog and cat often

First of all, it is a good habit to know how to brush your dog and cat. This is, in fact, a fundamental practice, which should become a good habit. Brushing your pet, in fact, helps to eliminate excess dead hair and to reduce the amount that is deposited on the surfaces. You may think that dogs are more likely to do this type of activity. In fact, cats also like to get brushed. Grooming, in fact, stimulates the skin’s sensory receptors, transmitting a feeling of well-being. The important thing is to choose a time of day when the animal is calm, transforming everything into a daily cuddle. At the end of the brushing practice, you can wipe the pet’s fur with a damp cloth. This, in fact, will help you eliminate the unwanted hair left on the coat.

Basic steps to remove dog and cat hair

To avoid the accumulation of too many hairs on the surfaces, which you will then have to remove, I suggest some small preventive measures to be implemented. To make it easier to remove dog and cat hair from the sofa, try covering the surface with a towel, which is easier to wash in the washing machine. In this way, the sofa will be easier to clean once the cloth is removed. As for clothes, however, try not to leave them lying around the house. Cats, in particular, love to sleep on clothes they find lying around. Therefore, keep your clothes closed in the closet, where animals cannot enter. Another useful tip is to avoid decorating your home with materials that hold a lot of hair. Prefer natural surfaces, in antistatic materials. Finally, to clean the furniture, use damp microfibre cloths,that do not leave lint.

ACE2ACE brush to remove dog and cat hair

There are many types of brushes on the market to remove animal hair from surfaces. In particular, the ACE2ACE roller, which has a very effective force. This brush consists of a semi-roller coated with a static charge material. It is particularly effective for removing dog and cat hair from any surface, especially sofas, clothes, beds, car seats.

What is it for

The ACE2ACE brush is used to remove dog and cat hair that settles on some surfaces. When the hair is on sofas, velvet, fabric, carpets, beds, cushions, in fact, it is difficult to remove it. This brush works well with all types of hair and can be reused. In this way, the use of classic disposable adhesive brushes can be reduced. It passes quickly on surfaces and is easy to clean. The resistant material and the low price make this brush an excellent purchase in terms of quality / price ratio.

How to use

The brush consists of a semi-roller coated with a material that attracts hair. When the brush is passed over the surfaces to be cleaned, it can collect much more hair than other types of brush. It can be used either by passing it forward or backward. To make the most of it, just pass it back and forth over the various surfaces. At that moment, the brush collects the hairs in the collection compartment. The latter can be easily opened and cleaned. Once cleaned, therefore, it can be reused, without having to buy expensive spare parts.

What are the benefits

The advantages of this roller brush are manifold. First, as we have seen, there is a good quality / price ratio. It is a valuable aid in the daily cleaning of the house, to effectively remove cat and dog hair. It is a lighter tool than a vacuum cleaner, easy to carry from room to room. In addition, being reusable, it is also environmentally friendly. It is very simple to use, with just a few strokes you can clean carpets, sofas and even car seats. The compartment where the hairs are kept is very easy to open and clean, so you always have the brush ready for use. In particular, to clean it just press the opening button located above the brush. At that point, the compartment where hairs are attracted opens and can be easily removed.



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