This vocal breed is playful and has a similar temperament to the Siamese. Orientals are known to be the life of the party. They are extremely They are extremely energetic and sociable, and love to be around people. They want to be part of the family family and want to be everywhere. They are intelligent and curious, Orientals will find new things to play with and will be the first to open the door. the door. They get along well with families, children and other pets. Orientals do not do not do well when left alone.


The Oriental is a long and elegant cat. The body, neck, legs and tail are long. They are medium sized, but well muscled.
The Oriental is a cat of extremes. The head is a long triangle. The high set ears are set to be a continuation of this triangle. The nose is long and straight. The paws are long and slender. The tail is long and tapering to a point. The eyes are almond-shaped and usually bright green. White Orientals may have blue, green or odd eyes. The pointed Oriental has blue eyes.
The coat of the Oriental Shorthair is short, glossy and close to the body. The long-haired variant has a medium-length coat rather than a full coat. The Oriental cat is not only beautiful, but also very intelligent. They can be trained to walk on a leash. However, this does not mean that they can be trained to do everything you wish. Like most highly intelligent breeds, the Oriental has its own desires.
The Oriental is an affectionate cat and requires its parents to be equally devoted. The parent should be affectionate with the Oriental and should spend some time playing. The parents notice when the Oriental gains weight. Oriental cats show a belly even after overeating on a single day. Feeding must be carefully controlled for this breed. The long slender legs are not made to support a fat body.
Orientals are great jumpers and love heights. For this reason, cat perches and trees should be provided. Oriental cats love to play and appreciate toys throughout the house for their enjoyment. Although the coat needs little grooming, the Oriental Shorthair associates brushing with affection and will enjoy being groomed.
As elegant as the Oriental may appear, it can be a very skittish cat. He is extremely affectionate and will sleep next to his parents in bed.

Breed Characteristics:
Coat Type: Short, sleek, fine coat.
Colours & Body Type: Oriental cats are small to medium build with long, lean bodies. Much like their Siamese ancestors, they have a wedge-shaped head, almond-shaped eyes and tall ears. They are essentially Siamese cats with different coat colours and patterning. The Oriental selves are single colour cats and may be white, black, brown (Havana) lilac, cinnamon, fawn, caramel, red, cream, and apricot. The second group of Orientals is made up of torties, smokes and shaded and come in a range of colours also. The third group is the four patterns of Tabby (classic, spotted, ticked and mackerel). They commonly have heterochromia, where eyes are each different colours.
Grooming Needs: Low – occasional brush.
Similar Breeds: Foreign White, Bengal, Abysinnians, British Shorthairs, Russian Blue, Korat, Tonkinese.
Vital Stats:
Height: 20 to 25 cm
Weight – Female: 2.2 to 4.2 kg
Weight – Male: 3.6 to 5.5 kg
Health Profile: Dilated cardiomyopathy, amyloidosis, mediastinal lymphoma, mast cell cancer, bladder stones, glaucoma, progressive retinal atrophy.
Life Span: 12 to 18 Years

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