The Ocicat looks very much like the wild Ocelot, a wild cat with a spotted coat. spotted coat. Although they look wild, they are very friendly, playful and intelligent cats. intelligent.


Designed to emulate wild ocelots, the ocicat brings the visual excitement of a big cat, without a drop of wild blood.
The ocicat was created to do exactly what its name suggests: look like an ocelot! Like breeds such as the toyger or the bombay, the ocicat was bred to mimic the appearance of a big wild cat, but without a drop of wild DNA in its make-up.
With its remarkable spotted coat, the ocicat is a unique conversation starter. These cats have very social personalities, sharp minds and dispositions that have been described as “dog-like”. Thanks to their striking fur, ocicats are not difficult to recognise. (These cats have brown or golden thumb-shaped spots all over their bodies. On rare occasions, ocicat kittens manifest themselves with solid colours, pointed coats, or even classic tabby patterns, but in general, this breed has these unique spots. Ocicats come in a dozen colour variations: fawn, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lavender and fawn, plus silver variants of all of the above, except fawn, and silver-black.
Regardless of colour, ocicats are well muscled and athletic cats. The breed is usually slightly larger than the typical domestic cat, with males weighing up to 15 pounds. They have wedge-shaped heads, large oval paws and triangle-shaped ears set at a 45-degree angle.

Breed Characteristics:
Coat Type: Short, spotted coat.
Colours & Body Type: The Ocicat is a medium to large cat with a well-spotted coat. Their solid body carries their well-muscled, powerful, frame and their hindquarters are raised slightly, resembling that of a wild hunting cat. The Ocicat is bred in a variety of colours: tawny, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lilac, and fawn. These same colours, but on silver, are possible also. What is special about their coat are their spots. They are well scattered in a striking pattern on the sides of the body, shoulders, and hindquarters.
Grooming Needs: Low – occasional brush.
Similar Breeds: Abyssinian, Seal Point Siamese, American Shorthair.
Vital Stats:
Height: 22 to 27 cm
Weight – Female: 2.7 to 4 kg
Weight – Male: 4 to 6.5 kg
Health Profile: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, liver and/or renal amyloidosis, pyruvate kinase deficiency.
Life Span: 12 to 14 Years

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