In addition to its distinctive colouring, the Turk’s coat is medium-length and single-coated, making it soft as cashmere and easy to maintain, according to the Cat Fanciers Association. The coat is close to the body, giving it a satiny appearance, and is surprisingly water-resistant, making it easy to dry when wet, but difficult to bathe.
Underneath this coat, the Turkish van is an absolute unit. It is not uncommon for male cats to weigh up to 6 kilos, and they are known to measure 1 metre from muzzle to tip of tail. They are well-muscled cats, which makes them incredibly athletic, especially when it comes to jumping.
Their heads are slightly wedge-shaped, the ears are medium-sized and set just outside the centre line of the eyes, and the eyes themselves are mostly round and come in amber, blue or a heterochromatic combination of both.

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