How to cut a dog’s nails

Do you know how to cut a dog’s nails? In this article we will offer you practical tips for a perfect nail cut.

How to cut your dog’s nails? If you have a furry friend, you will surely have asked yourself this question. When it comes to dog care and cleaning , in fact, it is good not to forget the nails. Armed with patience and great tools, here are all the practical tips for a perfect nail cut.

Why it’s important to cut your dog’s nails

SOS claws? No fear! Often when it comes to how to trim your dog’s nails, panic is rampant. Of course it’s not always a simple task but with the right advice it will be a breeze. In fact, nail trimming is a fundamental step in the care of your dog.

In addition to protecting floors, doors and avoiding scratches on the skin, too long nails risk causing problems for the dog: they can break and lead to bleeding or even, as in the case of the fifth toe nail, sticking into the animal’s skin.

The uncontrolled nail, in fact, could curve, tearing the paw of your pet. In addition, it could interfere with progress, leading to limping and causing pain. All of this is easily avoided with regular nail trimming.

At what age should you start cutting your nails

Most dogs, as we well know, do not like the moment of nail trimming. Therefore, it is essential to make the animal approach this ritual immediately at a young age. Getting your puppy used to how to cut nails without it becoming a scary moment is great advice.

There is no real right time to start but it is good to let the little furry know as soon as possible all the tools necessary to cut nails. For the first time, you may want to ask your veterinarian to help you understand the right procedure for how to trim your dog’s nails correctly.

Once at home, then, you can perhaps take advantage of a moment of relaxation to let him smell the tools and, as soon as he feels calm, go to the manicure !

Fingernails get shorter while taking him for a walk, false myth?

Very often it is recommended to have the dog walk on the street to file the nails. Truth or lie? Of course, walking on the street (in the grass this does not happen) helps the nails to file and tend to remain short but this is not enough.

Let’s think, for example, of the fifth finger at the top which, not touching the ground, will never be shortened by contact with the ground. The risk is that the uncontrolled growth leads to the curvature of the nail which could stick into the dog’s paw, leading to pain, bleeding and infection. Remember that the dog’s paws are very delicate and essential for its movement.

How often do you need to cut your dog’s nails

Once you have learned the importance of this process of how to cut your dog’s nails correctly, it is good to understand how often to do it. Each dog is certainly on its own and nail growth varies depending on the breed, the daily activity that is done and your dog’s natural propensity.

Small or toy dogs tend to have faster nail growth than a medium-large dog. If you own, for example, a Yorkshire pet, you will probably have to proceed with the task of cutting nails once every two to three weeks; if you have a German Shepherd, however, the operation will be carried out once a month, more or less.

Do not forget that the growth of nails, for dogs as well as for people, never stops and, thus, this procedure will have to be applied until the end of its life.

The indispensable tools for nail cutting

To solve the problem of how to cut a dog’s nails, you must first of all provide yourself with the right tools . Remember that, often, low-quality products do not turn out to be very performing and, on the contrary, could damage the dog. So what are the essential tools for cutting your dog’s nails? Let’s see them together:

Nail clipper

When it comes to how to cut your dog’s nails, the classic nail clipper immediately comes to mind and, indeed, it is an evergreen that you cannot do without. Also known as wire cutters, this tool allows for quick and safe cutting.

Suitable for dogs of all sizes, it allows, thanks to the safety spacer, to avoid a cut that is too short. The Candure nail clipper is highly recommended , of excellent design and quality. The firm grip facilitates the cutting operation, thanks to the spring that allows you to use force without problems.

To use it correctly, just insert the nail into the hole, at the desired height: one, two, three… bye bye long nail.


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Similar to the classic scissors that you will certainly find in your beauty case, these scissors are very comfortable and easy to handle if they are small dogs or toys. Thanks to the angled blade, you will be able to see the nail clearly, avoiding cutting too much and causing bleeding.


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Electric grinder

If the dog is particularly restless and just doesn’t want to know about clippers and nail clippers, an electric grinder can be for you. Excellent Pecute grinder which, thanks to the high quality brass shaft, can quickly smooth the nail.

The quiet motor also helps the dog to feel comfortable, avoiding sudden movements that could injure him. The two rotation speeds will allow you to choose how to use the product based on the hardness and length of the nail. Impossible not to have one.

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Step-by-step cutting process

Once you have learned all these notions and recovered the tools suitable for your dog, it’s time to start the arduous mission of how to cut your dog’s nails. If your furry friend has a clear nail , it will certainly be easier for you to recognize the right place to cut, without touching the living tissue. To begin with, therefore, take a good look at your dog’s nails to understand how to proceed.

The situation needs to be relaxing for your pet, so make sure it’s a good time to proceed. Certainly, a dog accustomed from a puppy will be less fearful; always tries to comfort him, also stroking his paws to give him security.


To understand exactly where to cut, you can help yourself by standing the animal, the nail should ideally be level with the ground . Then locate the pulp of the nail and stay away from it.

Now is the time: take the dog’s paw and start brushing a nail, rewarding it with a few treats until it is completely calm. Once you have identified where to cut, you might as well try to proceed by laying him down. It sounds strange but many dogs don’t like to watch what is done to them and prefer to lie down and turn away. Lion hearts!

Everything is ready, so place your nail in the correct place and use the right pressure for a clean cut. When in doubt, if you feel unsafe, always stay a little further behind. The cut will be made straight and slightly inclined downwards . You can help yourself with a file, then, to smooth any sides of the nail.

After the first nail, green light with prizes and congratulations and, come on, there are nine more!

Watch out for black nails, how to proceed?

How to cut your dog’s nails if they are dark or black instead of light ? The difficulty obviously passes to the pro level but don’t worry. To the naked eye it is not possible to find the pink line that indicates where to get with scissors and nail clippers and, therefore, here is how to do it.

Proceed by cutting the tip of the nail slowly and observe the color inside: if it is white you can slowly continue to cut a small piece, if instead you notice a black point, it is time to stop because the living tissue is nearby.

Furthermore, by keeping the dog standing, you will be able to better see the excessive part of the nail in proportion to the ground. Remember that ideally the nail should be in line with the ground. In any case, in the case of black nails, it is always good to proceed with the cutting of the nails very calmly and step by step.

In case of too deep cut, what to do?

If, alas, the cut was too deep or the dog too agitated, it moved abruptly at the wrong time, it is better to intervene immediately. To stop the flow of blood, disinfect the injured part well with hydrogen peroxide and then use a haemostatic powder , also widely used by veterinarians and professional groomers. This product, in fact, in addition to stopping bleeding, has an antiseptic function that prevents the onset of infections.

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  • It immediately stops the leakage of blood avoiding unpleasant consequences for the well-being of our fido and felix.

If you don’t currently have this product at home, you can simply use a fragrance-free bar of soap . It will be enough to press it against the nail and let the blood stop. Among the grandmother’s remedies, there is also corn starch : put a little on a cotton ball and press it on the cut area.

Once the blood has clotted, then proceed with gauze bandages . Don’t hesitate to contact your vet if the situation is more serious and if the bleeding does not stop.

In any case, if you carefully follow our tips on how to cut your dog’s nails, the result will be excellent and you will not encounter any problems. Right tools, excellent knowledge and a lot of calm.