The Hamiltonstovare is a purebred dog from Sweden. These agile, affectionate and active puppies have some of the best canine qualities of any breed of dog in existence today.Hamiltonstovares go by a couple of other names, including Swedish Foxhound and Hamilton Hound. These adorable hunting breed puppies love the countryside. You may be able to find them at breed-specific rescues or shelters if you want to take one home. Remember it is always best to adopt and not buy. These adorable puppies can be great companions for anyone, but may be better suited to living in rural areas. They are great with children and families of all sizes. These dogs have lots of energy and need plenty of exercise. If you want a dog that will love you unconditionally, this puppy is perfect for you!


The Hamiltonstovare has mixed tan colours on the head, around the ears and on the legs. They are fairly easy to groom due to their short coat. Hamiltonstovars have a strong prey instinct, as they were originally developed to hunt small animals. Before letting them loose, you should train your Hamiltonstovare to reliably return to their command, and they will certainly need some form of fencing in their yard, or they may roam.Hamiltonstovares have high energy levels. Make sure your dog has at least one good half-hour to hour-long walk a day, with some active play sessions and shorter walks mixed in.Because the Hamiltonstovare is an energetic dog, it may be too boisterous for small children. Although they would not harm children, they would be best played with older children or teenagers who can handle their energy.When it comes to other pets, the Hamiltonstovare has a strong prey drive and may not get along well with hamsters, rabbits or smaller animals.


In the late 19th century, Count Adolf Hamilton, the man who founded the Swedish Kennel Club, developed the Hamiltonstovare breed. His aim was to create a strong, hard-working dog that would help people hunt small animals, such as foxes and rabbits. The Hamiltonstovare breed even appeared in a Swedish folk tale that tells the story of one of these puppies who travels the countryside with an elf and helps housewives in need. They work to guide small game to the hunters. Today, Hamiltonstovare still help hunters in Sweden, but they are becoming increasingly popular in other countries, including the United States. The United Kennel Club (UKC) recognised the Hamiltonstovare in 2006. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has admitted the breed to its Foundation Stock Service, the last step before full recognition.

Breed Characteristics:
All Around Friendliness:
Health And Grooming Needs:
Physical Needs:
Vital Stats:
Dog Breed Group: Mixed Breed Dogs
Height: 24 to 28 inches
Weight: 65 to 110 pounds
Life Span: 6 to 12 years

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