Goodbye Bo

Goodbye Bo: Barack and Michelle Obama say goodbye to the family dog


Barack and Michelle Obama greet their Portuguese Water Dog who has accompanied the family for more than a decade in both private and public life. A great and heartfelt tribute on the official accounts by the former first lady and the former American president to the dog who was also a companion and friend of the daughters Sasha and Malia and of the other dog of the house, Sunny.


A life together, protagonist in the White House but above all in the Obama family. Former president Barack and his wife Michelle paid tribute to Bo, the dog who lived with them for more than ten years, through their social media accounts.


“For more than a decade, Bo has been a constant and comforting presence in our lives – wrote Michelle – He was there when the girls came home from school, greeting them with a prankster. He was there when Barack and I needed a break, wandering around one of our offices as if he owned the place, a ball tightly gripped between his teeth. It was there when we flew into Air Force One, when tens of thousands of people flocked to South Lawn for the Easter Egg Roll, and when the Pope came to visit us. And when our lives slowed down, he was there too, helping us take the girls to college and get used to life as empty nesters. ‘


Michelle is the one who writes the longest post, which fully conveys Bo’s importance in the life of all Obamas and the role he played in both the private and public aspects of his life, of Barack and of his daughters Malia and Sasha. In the final signature the former first lady in fact puts the names of all the members of the family, including Sunny who is the other dog of the house who arrived four years after Bo. Both of the breed “Portuguese Water Dogs”, the two four-legged dogs have often been the center of media attention (the New York Times dedicated a very nice article to both, for example, in which you can also see the letters of the children addressed to Bo and Sunny) and through them the relationship of the Obamas with American citizens has strengthened over time.


The tribute that former President Obama also paid to Bo was no less important: «Today our family has lost a true friend and a faithful companion. For more than a decade, Bo has been a constant and kind presence in our lives, happy to see us on our good days, our bad days, and every day in between. He tolerated all the hype that came with being in the White House, had a big bark but didn’t bite, loved jumping in the pool in the summer, was unflappable with kids, lived for scraps around the dining table, and had great hair. It was exactly what we needed and more than we expected. We will miss him very much ».

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