The Goberian is a mongrel dog, a cross between the Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky breeds. Friendly, energetic and intelligent, these puppies have inherited some of the best qualities of their parents. Don’t buy if you want to add a goberian to your home: goberians make excellent family dogs. They are extremely friendly, famously good tempered and enjoy being around people. This devoted mixed breed is an excellent companion and will come to regard you and your family as their best friends. However, you will need to ensure that your Goberian gets adequate exercise to avoid any anti-social habits: this is a breed of dog that loves to hike, jog and take long trips to the local dog park. Such an active breed is not a good choice for a flat dweller.


Goberians are mixed breed dogs. They are not pure breeds like their Golden Retriever or Siberian Husky parents.goberian coats are usually in colours such as white, black, grey, brown and cream, and the coat is often a mixture of two or even more colours.their coat is smooth or wavy, and their double coat is ideal for cold climates. They have a high exercise requirement and may overeat. Proper diet and exercise is important to avoid weight gain, and these dogs need a lot of physical activity. Goberians adore their human families, including children, and are quite protective. They make excellent watchdogs.


Being a more recent hybrid dog, not too much is known about the history of the Goberian. However, when it comes to the Goberian’s progenitor breeds, there is a great deal of estimated heritage to dig into. Originally developed by the indigenous Chukchi tribe in Russia, the Siberian Husky was used to pull sleds and help with hunting in cold environments. When the breed arrived in Alaska in the early 20th century, they helped during a diphtheria outbreak and completed an epic 658-mile serum-delivery run in one-fifth of the allotted time. As for the Golden Retriever, the breed dates back to Victorian times.The Goberian is a designer dog breed, but many of them, unfortunately, end up in shelters. So consider contacting local rescue groups and shelters if you are thinking of adding a Goberian to your home.