German Longhaired Pointer

German Longhaired Pointer


The German Longhair Pointer is a versatile hunting dog breed that the Germans began selectively breeding for its versatility and athleticism. Today, the German Longhair Pointer, or GLP, is a gentle and loyal breed.Some breed fanciers refer to them simply as GLP. In their country of origin, they are called Deutsch-Langhaar, or German Longhair. Although they are purebred dogs, it is possible to find them in shelters and rescues. Remember to adopt. Do not buy if this is the breed for you.As long as a German Longhair Pointer gets plenty of exercise, this breed is an amazing pet for singles and active families. They thrive in homes with yards or plenty of room to run, sniff and romp. If you are looking for a loyal dog that will keep you as active as ever, the German Longhair Pointer may be the right breed for you.AniMall24 recommends a large, spacious crate so that your large GLP has a place to rest and relax. You should also buy a dog toy to help burn off your puppy’s high energy.See below for the complete list of German Longhair Pointer dog breed traits and facts.


Brown and white are the standard coat colours of German Longhaired Pointers, and are often mixed. German longhaired dogs have a low to moderate coat, which makes them a good choice for allergy sufferers. However, their long coats can trap other allergens and be irritating. Be sure to train your GLP and use desensitisation tactics to help curb their anxiety.The German Longhair Pointer requires a great deal of exercise and activity. Make sure your dog takes at least a couple of half-hour to hour-long walks a day, with some active play sessions and shorter walks mixed in.Generally docile and affectionate, German Longhaired Pointers make excellent family dogs, regardless of the age of the children. However, when they get too excited, they may accidentally knock over a younger child.German long-haired pointers generally get along well with other dogs as well. When it comes to cats and other small mammals, the GLP may be prone to chase.


The German Longhair Pointer was originally developed as a Pointer, but owners discovered that the breed was slower than necessary. To eliminate these undesirable traits, breeders began to cross the GLP with local hunting dogs, along with Pointers and Setters from other European countries. In 1879, breeders began to perfect the breed. In 1897, Baron von Schorlemer outlined the standards for the German Longhaired Pointer, laying the foundation not only for the modern GLP, but also for German Shorthaired Pointers and German Wirehaired Pointers. In 2011, the breed was recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). More and more local clubs are springing up, including a North American club, as the popularity of the breed expands outside its country of origin.

Breed Characteristics:
All Around Friendliness:
Health And Grooming Needs:
Physical Needs:
Vital Stats:
Dog Breed Group: Sporting Dogs
Height: 23 to 28 inches
Weight: 60 to 71 pounds
Life Span: 11 to 14 years

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