“Ducklings” phenomenon on Tik Tok, in Southern Ireland appeal to stop the reckless purchase of ducklings


A hashtag runs on TikTok: videos of ducklings instilling tenderness but the craze of following the trend is leading to Southern Ireland illegally selling chicks and depriving them of parental care. The appeal of local associations to a phenomenon that has already generated thousands of shares.


The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) has made an appeal not to purchase ducklings. County Limerick’s “Freeway Poultry”, a local duck farm, announced it has suspended the sale of the animals to the public since last Monday. And other associations are joining together to stop the phenomenon that has been unleashed on TikTok with the hashtag #ducklings. These are videos that show small birds in different situations, created specifically to follow the trend and which have led to an illegal trade even in the street of these animals for sale for only 5 euros.


Videos on the platform with the hashtag “ducklings” have accumulated more than 276 million views so far. A worrying new craze for users who create content using chicks to film what is also called “a day in the life of a duckling”.


The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals pointed out that ‘there are people who go down to rivers and canals, pick up some ducklings and sell them around. We found out that a lady bought ten from some guys who were selling them. ‘


The problem, of course, concerns the mistreatment of these animals who are taken away by their mothers. “Who will take care of them?” Will they be followed up adequately? Living in someone’s bathtub is certainly not a good home for a duckling, ”the DSPCA head of education and media told local media.


The Limerick breeding, on the other hand, has focused attention also and above all on the ethology of the species: “This new craze is very worrying because ducklings are social animals and do not get along very well on their own”, urging anyone who has bought a duckling and does not have the opportunity to look after the animal to contact them or the local rescue center.


The ducklings that are seen in the videos are very small, they should be with their parents, be cared for properly and if the mania continues many others risk making a very bad end for a trifle like the images that are shooting on the social network.



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