Dry shampoo to wash the dog without bathing it

Dry shampoo is a great product to wash your dog without bathing him. Whether you use it because your Fido does not like water or due to the practicality imposed by the need for constant cleaning, the dry shampoo was created to meet all needs and has numerous advantages in its favor.

Your four-legged friend must always be cleaned and disinfected in every season, in order that it can show off a shiny and soft coat but above all to avoid any problem deriving from poor hygiene. The cleaning and care of our Fido is part of our mandatory duties as master and periodic washing is a cornerstone of the health of our four-legged friend.

Unfortunately, however, many dogs do not particularly like water, or they are so “rascals” that they get dirty at every outing so much that cleaning becomes necessarily inevitable. In both cases, the first for the dog that suffers from water and the second to clean it even after a short time we can make use of an infallible ally: dry shampoo.

But what is it and how is it used? Read on for all the answers.

What is dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a compound specially designed to wash and disinfect your dog’s coat, without having to subject it to minutes (for some dogs endless) of treatment with water and shampoo.

But to better understand what it is, let’s take a small step back: as already mentioned there are some four-legged friends who do not like water and try to escape terrified as soon as they understand that it’s time for a bath, or they are sick or simply it is necessary to carry out a deep but fast cleaning.

For these and other reasons, professionals in the sector have invented this frothy and delicately scented compound in order to obtain the same result as water and shampoo.

Its formulation is designed and conceived to be natural, hypoallergenic and suitable for any type of hair: naturally the best international brands offer different types of products not only as a fragrance but also as a formulation dedicated to sensitive skin – with particular pathologies or suitable for keeping distant fleas and ticks.

Dry shampoo for washing the dog

Why use dry shampoo

Lately it has become almost a fashion factor, using the dry product whenever the need arises. The most common factors are:

  • Little time to take your dog to the wash
  • Little budget available
  • Speed ​​in washing
  • Perfect final result
  • Avoid letting the dog get cold
  • Don’t traumatize your four-legged friend

But not only that, because this mode also allows you to clean your four-legged friend in any place and at any time, considering that no water or other tools are needed.

There is another very important factor to highlight, this product is also suitable for cleaning dogs that have recently undergone an operation and cannot be washed, due to open stitches or wounds.

According to the most established veterinarians, the dry product has numerous advantages and is recommended to all dog owners (and professionals in the sector): easy to use, perfumed, hypoallergenic and usable from the first months of your puppy (from six onwards).

How to wash your dog with dry shampoo

It is possible to buy the product online, on Amazon you will find a wide selection of dry shampoos for dogs , with a soft mousse appearance or in powder – similar to talcum powder – which absorbs all the dirt in a short time.

But what are the steps to properly wash your dog with dry shampoo?

  1. Comb the hair with the brush, so as to eliminate all traces of grass, mud, dust or other dirt residues. For long-haired dogs, apply a little more pressure to loosen the knots and make the operation much easier;
  2. Apply the product all over the coat, leaving out the part relating to the head and the muzzle. For the belly and neck area, help yourself with a cloth, rubbing gently on the entire affected part: pay attention if there are wounds, in fact, even if hypoallergenic, the shampoo could cause discomfort or burning.
  3. To spread the product it is possible to act in two ways, both with a clean cloth and with a comb – until it penetrates inside the skin and without rinsing.
  4. Finally, pass a clean towel to remove any product residues, giving him a reward later for his goodwill!

To learn more about the “bath” topic, do not miss our tips on how to wash your dog .

Features dry shampoo

A dry shampoo for dogs, to be excellent and with a perfect final result, must have some very important characteristics. For this reason, as a first point it is good to remember that your dog has a much more developed sense of smell than any human, and it is essential not to hit him with products with an intense and invasive fragrance.

Therefore, prefer a neutral product, so that your friend does not have to roll around everywhere in order to remove what for him is an annoying and intolerant smell.

Always evaluate the product label, as you do with cosmetics – deodorants – shower gel and so on: if your skin is delicate, that of your little one is even more so. Furthermore, each dog is different from another so the advice is to try the chosen formulation on a small area, to verify the direct and indirect reaction (i.e. whether or not it may report intolerance or allergy).

Opt for a product from the well-known brand, which uses only natural ingredients excluding preservatives – chemical additives and any other component that could be harmful to the dog’s coat and health.

In this regard, we recommend a dry shampoo among the most loved and used, which will also make your four-legged friend happy.

Beaphar Premium dry shampoo

An innovative product designed for puppy or adult dogs, with any type and length of hair. Its neutral PH respects and protects the skin, making the dry cleaning experience a fun and satisfying moment of pampering.

The company uses only natural ingredients, opting for Aloe Vera which gives and restores shine to the hair – nourishing it deeply and moisturizing it daily combined with raspberry water – essential for having a delicate scent that lasts over time without annoying. It traps dirt and dissolves it creating a protective film for outdoor walks, thus reducing debris and anything else dispersed in the environment.

Its use is simple, in fact it looks like a delicate mousse that is applied all over the coat – as per the instructions above – leaving immediately the hair soft – clean and fragrant.



Beaphar – Premium Dry Shampoo – for Dog – 200 ml

  • Revives and restores shine to the hair thanks to aloe vera
  • Makes the coat healthy and shiny thanks to raspberry water
  • Neutral PH that respects the epidermis

DIY dry shampoo recipe

If, on the other hand, you want to try to make dry shampoo directly at home, we suggest this recipe, very easy to make and suitable for every type of dog and coat.

Ingredients needed:

  • 1 glass full of bicarbonate
  • 1 full glass of cornstarch
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil (or mint)
  • or a vial of vanilla flavoring – the one used for sweets.


In a large glass jar pour all the above ingredients, mix and close it with its lid. Once this is done – so that the composition becomes homogeneous – shake vigorously so that the oil is dispersed throughout the powder. Note: use no more than 10 drops of essential oil, otherwise it will irritate the skin and coat.

Then pierce the lid of the jar with a small hole and let the mixture come out, applying it slowly over the entire mantle. Leave on for 5 minutes and brush with a cloth or comb to distribute it even better and let it penetrate deeply.

After a few minutes the hair will be clean, soft and very fragrant.

You use dry shampoo, how are you? Tell us about it below using the comments field, it will be a pleasure for us to read your experience with this type of product.

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