Dogs of Chinese origin

Of any size, with long, short, satin hair and suitable for the luxurious living rooms of the West or the icy patios of Tibetan temples. These are dogs of Chinese origin: some have become famous all over the world, while others are so rare that they cannot be recognized as a breed. Dog breeds originating from China have become popular in the West mainly due to their distinctive appearance. The Chow Chow, the Pug, the Shih Tzu are considered today to all intents and purposes among the most loved and popular “companion dogs” all over the world. Even more unknown breeds in Italy such as the Chongqing, the Kunming wolf dog and the Tibetan Spaniel come from this huge country. Let’s find out in detail who Chinese dogs are, how they behave and which motivations they manifest most frequently.

Let’s start with one of the most distinctive looking dogs. The Chinese Crested Dog is in fact one of the very few “naked dogs”, ie dogs without the protection of the hair on the whole body. There are two versions of this breed: Hairless and Powder Puff, which differ in the presence or absence of tufts of hair on the head, on the legs and on the tail. This small dog is considered to be of Chinese origin even though its history seems to be much older than its popularity in China. In their first explorations, Chinese traders would in fact encounter the Crested Dog on the coasts of Africa, embarking it to protect themselves from the mice present in large quantities on ships. Once home, the Chinese began to use him as a guardian of treasures and as a hunting dog, and this is how his predatory motivation and his distrust of strangers entering his territory originated. Prevailing reasons: kinesthetic, predatory, territorial, protective, affiliative.


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