The Chartreux is a sweet, calm and gentle cat. They have a very gentle very friendly and will enjoy watching TV or sitting next to you while you read. while reading. They are known for their delicate chirping when they want attention but otherwise they are very calm.


The Chartreux is a French breed that has existed for centuries. These cats are known for their short, blue-grey coat and their calm demeanour.
This undemanding breed is quiet, independent and sometimes silly. If you want to enjoy the company of a sweetly silent companion – and are willing to interpret their mimetic body language – the Chartreux is a wonderful pet.
These cats are somewhat rare these days. As such, Chartreux kittens typically cost between $1,000 and $1,500, depending on age, pedigree and other factors. Chartreuxes have short, grey coats, sweet, round faces, and bright copper-coloured eyes. These cats have large, muscular bodies with short, light limbs, and have been affectionately called “potato with chopsticks”. These cats typically weigh between 6 and 12 pounds and stand between 9 and 11 inches tall.
“This is a slow-maturing breed that reaches adulthood between three and five years of age,” says veterinarian Kurt Venator, DVM, PhD, Purina’s Chief Veterinary Officer.
The Chartreux’s solid blue-grey coat is a defining feature of the breed, although kittens may have slight brindle markings or spots that fade with age. As these pets get older, their silky, water-repellent coat takes on a woollier texture. Not a fan of shedding? Keep in mind that Chartreuxes shed a fair amount of hair, especially in the spring.
The Chartreux’s appearance has been compared to British Shorthairs and Russian Blues. Russian Blues have a more silvery coat and a denser, plusher coat than Chartreuxes, while British Shorthairs have a broader head and are generally a larger breed.

Breed Characteristics:
Coat Type: Dense, woolly, blue coat.
Colours & Body Type: The Chartreaux exhibits a loving smiley facial expression. This sturdy, powerful, medium build cat has a signature striking blue coat with a dense wooly undercoat. They come in different shades of blue, ash or slate, together with gold, copper or amber eye colour.
Grooming Needs: Moderate – twice weekly.
Similar Breeds: British shorthair, American shorthair, American wirehair, Russian Blue.
Vital Stats:
Height: 20 to 25 cm
Weight – Female: 3 to 5 kg
Weight – Male: 5 to 7 kg
Health Profile: Polycystic kidney disease (PKD), struvite stones, patellar luxation.
Life Span: 8 to 14 Years

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