The Cavapoo is a mongrel dog, a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle breeds. Extroverted, playful and curious, these puppies inherit some of the best traits of their two parents. Cavapoos go by various names, such as Cavadoodle and Cavoodle. Despite their unfortunate status as a designer breed, you can find these mixed-breed dogs in shelters and rescues, so remember to adopt. These adorable pups make amazing family pets, as they are outgoing and love attention. While they can work in smaller environments, they definitely thrive in a “pack” environment. If you want a loyal, playful dog that enjoys romping with you or snuggling on the couch, the Cavapoo may be the dog for you! Any type of dog can develop arthritis or slow down with age. AniMall24 recommends giving your dog Glyde Mobility Chews to keep his joints healthy.


The Cavapoo is a mongrel dog. They are not pure breeds like their parents Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Poodle. The Cavapoo’s coat can be of various colors, such as cream, fawn, chocolate, golden, chestnut, and white. Sometimes they can be solid colors, but often they are brown and white, or they can even be tri-colored. Cavapoos usually have a short, soft, wavy or curly coat. They require weekly brushing, although they are somewhat less prone to shedding, so some allergy sufferers are fine with them. The Cavapoo adores all members of the family and generally enjoys romping with children. That said, they are small and can be hurt by children playing aggressively. Children should always be supervised with dogs and instructed on how to play safely.


The Cavapoo dog breed may have existed naturally over the years, but designer breeders in Australia began intentionally mixing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles in the late 1990s. Breeders wanted to blend the outgoing, calmer character of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the intelligence of a Poodle. Since Poodles tend to shed less, they were also selected in an effort to create a mixed breed for allergy sufferers. Breeders continued to create Cavapoos as the demand for mixed breed puppies increased. Although the Cavapoo mixed breed began as a designer breed, some have ended up in shelters or in the care of rescue groups. Consider adoption if you decide this is the breed for you. Check local shelters, look for Cavapoo rescues, or check with breed-specific Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Poodle rescues, as they sometimes take in mixed-breed dogs and find them homes.

Breed Characteristics:
All Around Friendliness:
Health And Grooming Needs:
Physical Needs:
Vital Stats:
Dog Breed Group: Mixed Breed Dogs
Height: 9 to 14 inches
Weight: 9 to 25 pounds
Life Span: 12 to 15 years

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