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Photo Awards: These are the best animal and nature photos of 2021

The judges of the “World Nature Photography Awards” have chosen the winners of this year’s competition and published the breathtaking photos of the numerous participants. The winning photo is not only impressive, but also somewhat shocking. The World Nature Photography Awards are held every year and photographers from all over the world can enter the […]

Some coral reefs may survive climate change

A new study published in PNAS has shown that corals in the northern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba could withstand rising temperatures and survive climate change. The coral reefs formed by Stylophora pistillata, in fact, showed no signs of bleaching, despite the fact that the sea water temperature increased rapidly.   Most coral […]

Emergency in Florida

Florida emergency: manatees are dying   In Florida there is a massacre of mistresses: according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, 674 dead specimens were found on the beaches from January 1 to mid-April, a number four times higher than in previous years. Causes include exposure to neurotoxins produced by algae bloom caused […]

The migration of fish

For many media, April is World Fish Migration Day. In reality this is not the case, but talking about it is never a mistake. In fact, migratory fish populations around the world are in rapid decline, mainly due to dams and other artificial barriers that block flows and hinder migration. But the solution is there, […]

An Oscar for an octopus

An Oscar for an octopus: wins as best documentary “My friend at the bottom of the sea”   Oscar as best documentary to “My friend in the sea”, the film by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed that tells the story of a particular relationship that is established between the photographer and naturalist video reporter Craig […]

Nemo knows how to go home

The clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris), a species that became famous thanks to the Disney – Pixar film “Finding Nemo”, is a fascinating animal with still many aspects to discover. A new study, published in Scientific reports, reveals that this fish uses an internal biological clock to orient itself, which can change over the course of its […]

Marine animals spinning in circles

A new study published in iScience has collected rotatory behaviors of different marine species, putting forward several interesting hypotheses on the reason for this curious behavior. It could in fact be linked to courtship, foraging or orientation reasons. However, new research is still needed. Why do some animals belonging to different groups such as turtles, […]