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US study proves: Dog bowls are as dirty as toilets

At every meal, we humans take clean dishes. But when it comes to the feeding bowls of the four-legged friend, dog owners often do not take hygiene very seriously. This was shown by a US study. This has fatal consequences – for dog and owner! Where is the dog food stored? how is it done? […]

Photo Awards: These are the best animal and nature photos of 2021

The judges of the “World Nature Photography Awards” have chosen the winners of this year’s competition and published the breathtaking photos of the numerous participants. The winning photo is not only impressive, but also somewhat shocking. The World Nature Photography Awards are held every year and photographers from all over the world can enter the […]

Conservationists concerned: how the war in Ukraine is threatening rare wild animals

Explosions, tank noise, devastated landscapes: war not only causes destruction in cities – nature also suffers from the fighting. Also in Ukraine. Conservationists fear the Russian invasion may endanger endangered species. Scientific studies dealing with the civil war that raged in Mozambique between 1977 and 1992 show that wars can have devastating consequences for the […]

“Stay with my animals”: Italian rescues strays in Ukraine

While Russian helicopters are flying all around him and guns are constantly falling in, Andrea Cisternino worries above all about his animals. The Italian founded an animal shelter where 400 four-legged friends currently live. Escape with them seems impossible – so the animal rights activist stays in Ukraine. Andrea Cisternino has been living in Ukraine […]

New Tiktok Challenge: This is why you should never bark at your dog

A recent trend on Tiktok shows owners barking at their dogs and then waiting for their four-legged friend’s reaction. However, animal rights activists warn against the “#barkatyourdog” challenge, because barking at the dog can have unpleasant consequences for the animal. Photo: Tresemer (symbolic photo) Tiktok trends are usually funny, but they can also quickly […]