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How old is your dog human?

Another research confirms that multiplying by seven is wrong   How is the dog’s age calculated in human years? Previous studies had already highlighted the difficulties in creating a generic equation as the two species age at different rates and it is therefore difficult to compare them. Further confirmation comes from a review published in […]

Let it smell

For the dog to be able to leave the house and smell the smells is the greatest interest in life from a social point of view. The smells allow him to recognize himself, get to know others and map the territory. We must modulate without ever inhibiting this behavior, except in emergencies.   While doing […]

Animals in the city

Legambiente published the ninth edition of “Animals in the City”, the report on the services offered by administrations and health companies for the management of pets. Increasing public spending and large disparities between territories, these are the data in line with the trend of the previous report that emerge from the survey.   The ninth […]

A newborn is coming. How will my dog take it?

The birth of a baby is always a great event, which can lead to several relational changes. And dogs are no exception! Let’s see how to prepare the dog for the baby’s arrival at home, what to do and what to avoid in order not to upset his existence.   How to prepare the dog […]

The dog’s routine: how to better organize the day

We humans leave the house early in the morning and dive every day into a new day and in certain places we meet colleagues, friends and strangers. Likewise, dogs love to deal with the external environment and have habits that help them integrate with the external environment.   Here are some tips on how to […]