The Bugg is a mongrel dog, a cross between the Boston Terrier and Pug dog breeds. Intelligent, affectionate and brave, these puppies inherit some of the best traits of their two parents. The Bugg is sometimes called Pugin or simply Boston Terrier Pug. Despite their unfortunate designer breed status, you can find these mixed breed dogs in breed-specific shelters and rescues, so remember to adopt. These cute pups make excellent apartment and house dogs, alike. Since they don’t require as much exercise as the larger breeds, they are an excellent choice for seniors or first-time owners. Still, this mix is a smart and playful dog, and they love to be the center of attention. If you’re looking for a silly dog that will be glued to your side most of the time, this may be the right dog for you.


Buggs are mixed breed dogs. They are not pure breeds like their Boston Terrier or Pug parents. The main colors of Buggs are brown, black and white. Sometimes their coat is solid and sometimes they have a mixture of colors. Some even inherit the tuxedo characteristic of the Boston Terrier. They tend to have short coats and are generally considered a good choice for allergy sufferers. Still, their short coats shed a bit, so they are not completely hypoallergenic. Buggs are prone to weight gain. Make sure your dog gets at least one good half-hour to hour-long walk a day, along with some active play sessions. The Bugg is a notoriously friendly and playful dog, which makes it a wonderful pet for children. However, the Bugg is a small mixed breed dog, and they can be easily hurt by overly excited children. Bugg’s like to be the center of attention, and may prefer to be the only pet in the house. They can tolerate small periods of solitude, but do best in a home where someone is home most of the time.


The Bugg dog breed may have existed naturally over the years, but designer breeders began intentionally mixing Boston Terriers and Pugs in the late 1980s, probably in North America. Both the Boston Terrier and Pug are known as affectionate and easy-going breeds, so breeders probably wanted to mix the two parent breeds to maximize these desirable traits. They continued to breed Buggs as the demand for mixed breed puppies increased. Although the Bugg breed began as a designer breed, some have ended up in shelters or in the care of rescue groups. Consider adopting if you decide that the Boston Terrier/Pug mix is the right breed for you. Check local shelters, look for Bugg rescues, or check with breed-specific Boston Terrier or Pug rescues, as they sometimes take in mixed breed dogs and find them homes.

Breed Characteristics:
All Around Friendliness:
Health And Grooming Needs:
Physical Needs:
Vital Stats:
Dog Breed Group: Mixed Breed Dogs
Height: 14 to 18 inches
Weight: 10 to 25 pounds
Life Span: 10 to 15 years

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