Bombay is mischievous and is always looking for ways to entertain himself. to entertain themselves. They enjoy playing and are very intelligent, accepting leash training very well. They are very good on leash training. Bombays are athletic and active, but are also happy to settle into your lap. to settle into your lap for a cheeky nap. They can get along well with children and other pets if properly introduced to them. This breed is not the most talkative, but they use their voice to communicate.


The Bombay is the perfect cat for anyone who has ever thought “I’d like to have a panther, but maybe smaller and less biting”.
Bred specifically to resemble the black panther of India, the Bombay is a mix of the Burmese and the American black shorthair. The result is a cat that effectively resembles the big cat of the jungle, without having a single drop of wild blood in its pedigree.
Combining some of the best traits of both breeds, the Bombay has the stamina, loyalty and intelligence of the Burmese without being so vocal and sporting a beautiful solid black coat. They look like little parlour panthers. What is most striking about the Bombay is its coat. Short and smooth, the coat is solid black and very shiny. Many breeders compare the coat of a healthy and happy Bombay to patent leather. Visually, the Bombay has a similar build to the Birman, although slightly less stocky and a little longer. They are well-muscled cats with a round head; short, round-tipped ears; and medium-sized, round, golden to copper-coloured eyes.
When the Bombay cat walks, it has a peculiar, swaying gait that further accentuates its similarity to the black panther.

Breed Characteristics:
Vital Stats:
Weight – Female: 2.5 to 4 kg
Weight – Male: 3.5 to 5 kg

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