American Wirehair

American Wirehair


The American Wirehair is a loving cat and will show loyalty to its owner. their owner. They are playful, but will also enjoy their independence. If If they feel like playing, they will bring a toy to their parents. At they play well on their own and are known to be an ideal companion for single people. singles.


As the name implies, American Wirehaired Cats have a thick, coarse coat and a wiry appearance. They have medium-sized, muscular bodies that appear round and thick and usually weigh between 8 and 12 pounds. This cat breed has a wavy coat with folded or wavy hairs on the body and ears; some even have curly whiskers. Although this is a short-haired cat, its coat grows a little longer in winter for extra warmth. American wirehairs may be black, blue, white, red or cream in colour. Coat patterns of these cats include chinchilla, smoke, cameo, calico, tabby and bicolour. They have large eyes that slant slightly upward at the outer corners. The eye colour of the American wirehair can be blue, green or gold. Because the wavy texture of American wirehairs can keep loose hairs attached to their body, some consider them hypoallergenic. Although not completely allergen-free, a curly coat that keeps loose hairs at bay may be slightly less irritating to some owners with allergies.
The American wirehair is often compared to the American shorthair, and although they have many similarities, their main difference is in coat texture: the American shorthair does not have the thick, curly coat of the wirehair.

Breed Characteristics:
Coat Type: Medium, dense, crimped coat.
Colours & Body Type: The American Wirehair is strong bodied with a round face, strong jaw, and short ears. They come in a range of colours: white, blue, cream, red, platinum, fawn, chestnut, chinchilla, seal, silver, golden, brown, cameo, blue-cream, tortoiseshell. They can have tortoiseshell, solid colour, bicolour, calico, tabby, or smoke patterning.
Grooming Needs: Low – occasional brush.
Similar Breeds: British shorthair, American shorthair, Chartreaux.
Vital Stats:
Height: 20 to 25 cm
Weight – Female: 2.7 to 4.5 kg
Weight – Male: 4.5 to 6.5 kg
Health Profile: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).
Life Span: 10 to 12 Years

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