Akita Pit

Akita Pit


The Akita Pit is a mixed breed dog, a cross between the Akita and American Pit Bull Terrier dog breeds. Intelligent, protective and loyal, these puppies inherit some of the best traits of their two parents. Akita Pits are also sometimes referred to as Pit Akita or Akita Pit Bull. Despite their unfortunate status as a designer breed, you can find these mixed breed dogs in shelters and rescues, especially considering how many Pit Bull mixes there are in shelters. So remember to adopt. These adorable dogs are quite adaptable and can thrive in small homes with active urban dwellers, although they are better suited for larger homes or families. If you want a protective dog that will test your boundaries from time to time, alert you to any danger and love you unconditionally, then the Akita Pit may be the right dog for you.AniMall24 recommends a good dog bed for your medium-sized Akita Pit for a good night’s sleep.You should also pick up a dog brush and massager for your short-haired pup!


Akita Pits are mixed breed dogs. They are not pure breeds like their Akita or American Pit Bull Terrier parents. The main colors of Akita Pits are cream, fawn, brown, black, blue and brindle. Sometimes their coat is solid and sometimes they have a mixture of colors. Akita dogs have a high energy level. Make sure your dog gets at least one good half to one hour walk a day, with some active play sessions and shorter walks. Akita breed dogs shed lightly throughout the year. This means they may not be allergic. Luckily, their coat is very easy to brush. One good brushing a week is probably enough. Akita dogs are incredibly loyal and affectionate with humans, including children, making them a great choice as a family pet. Akita dogs can get along well with other animals if introduced slowly and calmly, and early socialization will help this go well. It is best to get them used to other pets early. This mixed breed dog is eager to please. If you are able to train your Akita Pit consistently, you will end up with a loyal, loving and eager to please puppy.


The Akita Pit mixed dog breed may have existed naturally over the years, but designer breeders began intentionally mixing Akitas and American Pit Bull Terriers in the late 1990s, probably in North America. Both Akitas and Pit Bulls are known for their intelligence, their eagerness to please, and their loyalty. By combining the two, breeders hoped to create a dog that could be both a family pet and a guard dog. They continued to create Akita Pit puppies as demand for the mixed breed increased. Although the Akita Pit mixed breed began as a designer breed, some have ended up in shelters or in the care of rescue groups. Consider adoption if you decide this is the breed for you. Check local shelters, look for Akita Pit rescues, or check with breed-specific Pit Bull Terrier or Akita rescues, as they sometimes take in mixed breed dogs and find them homes.

Breed Characteristics:
All Around Friendliness:
Health And Grooming Needs:
Physical Needs:
Vital Stats:
Dog Breed Group: Mixed Breed Dogs
Height: 16 to 23 inches
Weight: 30 to 70 pounds
Life Span: 10 to 12 years

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