After the death of his dog: Holder builds a statue for the animal

When one’s own pet dies, it is a particularly bad moment for owners, which is associated with a lot of pain and sadness. So also for Sunkra from India. Five years after the death of his dog, he erected a statue in his honor.

The love between dog and owner is sometimes limitless – Sunkra Janana Prakash Rao from Andhra Pradesh in India can testify to that. He loved his dog, who lived with him and his family for years, more than anything. When the animal died, Sunkra was devastated and has thought of his deceased friend every day ever since. For the fifth anniversary of his death, Sunkra came up with something very special.

Sunkra lives in the small village of Ampapuram in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and is a real animal lover. For nine years he lived with his dog in the town in the east of the country and could always rely on the loyalty of the fur nose. But the four-legged friend finally died five years ago. A difficult time full of sadness began for Sunkra, reports “ANI News” among others.

To this day, Sunkra could not and did not want to forget his four-legged friend. So he came up with something very special for the fifth anniversary of his death: He made a life-size bronze statue of his dead dog, which was finished on the day of his death. Recently he then solemnly set them up in the village and held a small festival.

The whole village worships Sunkra’s dog

For the unveiling of the statue and for the festival, Sunkra invited the entire village and the residents actually appeared in large numbers for the celebration. They put colorful wreaths of flowers around the neck of the bronze dog and gathered around the statue. After saying several prayers for the deceased animal, Sunkra even organized lunches for everyone who came for his dog.

Sunkra’s dead dog was very important to the villagers because he lived faithfully by the side of the family for nine years. In the future, they want to go to the statue regularly and say prayers. Sunkra is certainly touched by so much compassion and appreciation for his deceased dog and the statue he made.


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